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Rachel Singer

Rachel Singer

Doctoral Student,
Department of History, Georgetown University

Environmental and gender historian of early medieval northern Europe. Studying infectious disease, climate change, and the environmental impacts of colonization.

Medieval manuscript
Caernarfon castle
Yersinia pestis (plague) bacterium

Research Summary

Regional Expertise

I study early medieval northwestern Europe on both sides of the English Channel. I am trained as a Celticist, and my work encompasses post-Roman Britain and Merovingian Gaul.


My research draws on data from the humanities and natural sciences. I work with texts, pathogen aDNA, archaeological data, palynology, and paleoclimate proxies.

Thematic Focuses

I operate in the frameworks of environmental and gender history, and my work focuses broadly on disaster. I am interested in infectious disease, climate change, monastic disturbances, and conquest/colonialism.



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